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Topics: Crop products and commodities

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  • Cropland in Cambodia

    This dataset contains information of cropland and location of croplands in Cambodia which was downloaded from World Food Programme GeoNode (WFPGeoNode) using data in 2013 from​ ...

  • Global Drought Monitoring: Agricultural Stress Index (ASI)

    The Index is based on the integration of the Vegetation Health Index (VHI) in two dimensions that are critical in the assessment of a drought event in agriculture: temporal and ...

  • GAIN report: Beans and pulses trade Myanmar 2015

    A report authored by Swe Mon Aung, agricultural specialist with the United States Department of Agriculture's foreign agricultural service on the beans and pulses trade in Myanm...

  • Myanmar agricultural development bank: Initial assessment and restructuring options

    An analytical report by the World Bank on Myanmar's agricultural development bank, providing an initial assessment of its capacity in the context of Myanmar's agrarian economy, ...

  • Agriculture, natural resources,and environment initial sector assessment, strategy, and road map

    A report from the Asian Development Bank on the Myanmar government's plan for addressing priority needs in the agriculture, natural resources, and environment (ANRE) sector. Pub...

  • Thailand: Grain and Feed Annual, 2015

    The report contains assessment of commodity and trade issue in Thailand in 2015. The report covers three different crops including rice, corn and wheat which deeply analysed the...

  • Wholesale Outlets SsectionModule 6L2 Prod2

    This is the Wholesale Outlets section from Module 6L2 in the General Administration Department 2016-2017 data.

  • General Administration Department (GAD) 2016-2017 - Module 6 Registered Business , Wholesale Markets section Prod2

    This is the Wholesale Markets section from Module 6 Registered Companies in the General Administration Department 2016-2017 data.

  • Agriculture Data 2016 from Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Prod2

    This is the Agriculture data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation. This data has been reconfigured by MIMU.

  • Agrarian land-use transformation in northern Laos

    Farmers in northern Laos have been experiencing a rapid transformation from subsistence agricultural production to intensive cash crop cultivation over the last decade....

  • Land acquisition, investment, and development in the Lao coffee sector: successes and failures

    Looking at the coffee sector in Laos, the authors of this article explore dimensions of the land grab debate that have not yet been sufficiently examined. Coffee concessionaires...

  • Crop research in Lao PDR

    observation and evaluate local varieties and introduce direct to farmers use•Introduce varieties/fixed lines from other research centre in country and abroad

  • Enhancing sustainable development of diverse agriculture in Lao PDR

    This volume presents a descriptive and quantitative analysis of the current secondary crop agriculture and development constraints and options. This study focuses on policy reco...

  • The report of the workshop on reporting and commenting on the study of the small rubber issue of farmers in Oudomxay Province

    Further action is needed to improve and improve the rubber sector.

  • Corp intersificaton versus labour migration in southern laos

    The evidence from the study villages indicates a sharp con-tradiction between the government’s policy of rice intensifi-cation and the trajectories being pursued by rice-growing...

  • Technical Report for Rubber Research Integrated with Lemongrass and Short-term Vegetables in Slope Soil in Namor District, Oudomxay Province

    To compare the rubber combination with fruit trees to rotation.

  • Crop research in Lao PDR

    An overview of crops grown in Lao PDR and research attempts to breed more suitable varieties.

  • Global Food Security Product

    The Global Food Security­ support Analysis Data Product provides spatial distribution of a disaggregated five class global cropland extent map derived at nominal 1­km based on f...

  • The politics of PVC: Technology and institutions in upland water management in northern Thailand

    An article exploring the politics, technology and institutions involved in northern Thailand’s upland water management. Conflict over water has grown in the mountainous areas of...

  • USAID Mekong ARCC climate impact and adaptation study for the Lower Mekong Basin, non-timber forest products and crop wild relatives

    Part of the wider Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Study of the USAID Mekong ARCC project, this report documents a comparative analysis of the vulnerability of non-timber fo...

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