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  • COVID-19 vaccination campaign in priority areas

    This dataset identifies the priority areas for the national COVID-19 vaccination campaign by priority areas, with three major subdivisions: high priority areas have people 4,925...

  • Reserved hospitals for COVID-19 in capital city and provinces in Cambodia

    This dataset shows the list of reservations for CODVID-19 in capital city and provinces in Cambodia, issued by the General Department of Clean Water of the Ministry of Industry ...

  • Coronavirus COVID-19 global cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

    This interactive web-based dashboard hosted by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University, to visualize and track reported cases in real-t...

  • Contact number of director of municipal-provincial health department

    The dataset shows a list of contact numbers of the director of municipal-provincial health department for health and virus COVID-19 issues.

  • Dengue fever cases 2010-2019 for Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam

    This dataset compiles data from suspected and confirmed dengue fever cases from Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam between 2010 and 2019.

  • The levels of CBR-TFR and total marital fertility rates TMFR by State Region and childhood mortality

    2014 Myanmar Census, Main Report (Union) Department of Population, Ministry of Immigration and Population

  • General Administration Department (GAD) 2016-2017 - Module 10 Local Associations & International Development Assistance, INGOs section Prod2

    This is the INGOs section from Module 7 Local Association and International Development Associations in the General Administration Department 2016-2017 data.

  • Lower Mekong life expectancy 1963-2013

    From World Bank data, shows the life expectancy in each of the five Lower Mekong countries, recorded every ten years from 1963 to 2013 (i.e. six data points for each country). C...

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