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Last updated April 25, 2018
Created April 25, 2018
Format PDF
License Creative Commons Attribution
Name Tier Classification for Global SDG Indicators 15 December 2017
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This document contains the updated tier classification, based on changes made by the Inter-agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) following its 3rd (March 2016), 4th (Nov. 2016), 5th (March 2017) and 6th (November 2017) meetings. The tier classification of many indicators is expected to change as methodologies are developed and data availability increases. Therefore, the IAEGSDGs has revised its mechanism for updating the classification of indicators. The review of reclassification requests will occur when requirements are met at the two physical meetings and via Webex meetings throughout the year, based on a calendar developed developed by the Group. The Group plans to hold bi-monthly Webex meetings, if needed, to review Tier reclassification requests. The updated tier classification is expected to be released following these meetings unless otherwise noted. Also reflected in the document are the possible custodian and partner agencies for the indicators.

The following tier classification document contains all past updates as well as any changes based on decisions made during and following the 6th IAEG-SDG Meeting in November 2017 (highlighted in light red) or regarding the data availability review in Nov. 2017 (in light orange). The changes include updates to the tier classification of some Tier III indicators, updates to some indicators based on the data availability review conducted by UNSD in and discussed at the IAEG-SDG Meeting as well as updates to the custodian agencies and other involved/partner agencies for some indicators. For any future requests to add or change an agency as a co-custodian, once all parties have reached final agreement, please send the confirmation to the Secretariat with copy to all possible custodian agencies.