Taxi boat service (English)


Data representation [WMS]

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Taxi boat service - Taxi boat service (English) - OD Mekong Datahub

Additional Information

Field Value
Last updated January 14, 2020
Created January 14, 2020
Format WMS
License Creative Commons Attribution
Name Taxi boat service (English)
Resource's languages
  • English

Data representation [WMS]

Feature info template for WMS resource <table> <tr><th>Station: </th><td>{{station}}</td></tr> <tr><th>Time from station to station: </th><td>{{time_from_station_to_station}}</td></tr> <tr><th>Stop time: </th><td>{{stop_time}}</td></tr> <tr><th>Average speed: </th><td>{{speed}}</td></tr> <tr><th>Working hour: </th><td>{{working_hour}}</td></tr><tr><th>Working day: </th><td>{{working_days}}</td></tr></table>