Village Points Bago Region PCode v9.0.1

Village locations for the Bago Region (points). Note that village refers to all populated places. Place Names: General Administration Department (GAD). Place names on this product are in line with the general cartographic practice to reflect the names of such places as designated by the government concerned. Transliteration by MIMU. Coordinates by MIMU.

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Dataset topic category Administration
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Dataset reference date 10/13/2019
Date uploaded 2019-12-03T16:56:04.494342
Date of last revision 2019-12-03T16:56:04.496282
  • Myanmar
West bounding coordinates 94.9093475341797
East bounding coordinates 97.1149291992188
South bounding coordinates 16.9144897460938
North bounding coordinates 19.4780101776123
Spatial Reference System WGS 84 (EPSG:4326) (CRS:84)
Completeness This product has been prepared for operational purposes only, to support humanitarian and development activities in Myanmar. There is no guarantee that this data is complete.
Process Step Data Is Updated In Intervals That Are Uneven In Duration. The data is represented in vector format to represent geographic data.
Lineage MIMU
Responsible party Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) No. 5, Kanbawza Street (Opposite Pearl Condo), Bahan Township. Yangon, Myanmar, P.O. Box 650 Office Phone: 01-2305663 Mobile Phones: 09-774077762 (General Contact & Maps Printing Request) 09-774077761 (Customized Maps & Data Request) 09-774077763 (Vacancy Issues) E-mail: Website:
Metadata creator information MIMU
GEMET controlled keywords Village Points, Bago
Identifier code Vill_Pcode: Village place code
Format version v9.0.1
Update Frequency irregular
Copyright Yes
Version v9.0.1
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