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  • Residence areas of Lao ethno-linguistic group: Mon-Khmer

    This dataset informs the location of Mon-Khmer, one of 4 ethno-linguistic families in Lao PDR, by the proportions of residents in village, district and province.

  • GMS Major Urban Areas [Laos]

    GMS Urban Areas represents the major urban areas (polygons), with populations greater than 10,000.

  • Greater Mekong Subregion hydropower dams (2016)

    This dataset contains all known hydropower developments across the Greater Mekong Subregion although is not a complete dataset. It includes original data collected by Open Devel...

  • Hydro basins level 3 Mekong

    This dataset was obtained by delineating drainage basin boundaries from hydrologically corrected elevation data (HydroSHEDS and Hydro1K). Input data resolution is 15 arc-seconds...

  • Freshwater Ecoregions of the Mekong Basin

    This dataset was created from Hydrosheds level 3 dataset to represent approximate freshwater ecoregions of the Mekong basin. Based upon the WWF freshwater ecoregions dataset whi...

  • Greater Mekong Subregion Distribution of Mangroves; Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar

    This dataset shows the distribution of mangrove forests, derived from earth observation satellite imagery for the Greater Mekong Subregion including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam ...

  • Covid-19 Hotline in Laos

    This is the hotline contact number related to Covid19 information in Laos.

  • Years of Schooling and Learning Adjusted Years in School - LMTV

    Dataset including indicators "years of schooling" and "learning-adjusted years in school" for Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • ICT adoption and infrastructure in Laos Myanmar Thailand and Vietnam

    ODM aggregated dataset from World Bank databases on ICT adoption and infrastructure in Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • Land slide hazard map in Vietnam

    Zoning data on landslide risk in Vietnam is extracted from the global landslide risk mapping data set. The product is presented qualitatively and is a combination of the Global ...

  • Arsenic concentration hotspots in Cambodia (2010)

    This vector dataset provides the arsenic concentration hotspots in Cambodia, as provided by Cambodia Well Map database. Data were provided to ODC in raster format by Save Cambod...

  • Dams in Cambodia (2008)

    This dataset is included geographical locations of dams and types of dam such as earthen, levee and masonry. The data is released by Department of Geography, the Ministry of Lan...

  • Flood-prone areas

    This dataset shows the flood-prone areas in Cambodia and other Mekong countries from Surface Water Mapping Tool which is an application allows for calculation using a sophistica...

  • Battambang provincial land use plan for 2030 vision

    This map is a plan for the land use for Battambang province in 2030. It was officially adopted in 2018 by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

  • Services delivery at health center

    This dataset shows information about the public services such as outpatient consultation services (mother, newborn, child and reproductive health services; communicable diseases...

  • Employment and Unemployment Rates in Thailand, 2017-2020

    Data of Thailand National Statistics Office (NSO) showed that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted on jobs. These datasets are derived from major findings from...

  • Oil and gas blocks in Cambodia (2007-2019)

    This dataset describes the information of oil and gas in Cambodia from 2007 to 2019. The data was collected from many sources by ODC’s mappers such as government and NGO agency ...

  • Public Education Statistic (2015-2019)

    This dataset contains the statistic of public education, of each province in Cambodia, which the numbers of student enrollment were mapped. In addition, it contains other releva...

  • Siem Reap city land use master plan for 2035 vision

    This map shows the land use master plan of Siem Reap city for 2035 vision. It was officially adopted in 2018 by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

  • Environmental impact assessments

    This spreadsheet is developed from gathering information from the various report of environmental impact assessment reports (EIA) and show information such as company profile, a...

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