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  • Disasters in South Eastern Asia region from 1900 to 2021

    The disaster data set from the early 20th century to 2021 was collected by – Université Catholique de Louvain – Brussels – Belgium and encrypted. The dataset includ...

  • River landslide management in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam)

    A webgis map and a table showing river landslide locations in the Mekong River Delta (Vietnam)

  • Earthquake Disaster Areas in Thailand

    Earthquake disaster area: using a model program to develop the area that may be affected by earthquakes in Thailand.

  • GISTDA Forest Monitoring System (Thailand)

    This is the list of web map services layers which is available from GISDTA Forest Monitoring System. Those layers are permanent forests, national parks, forest area, and burning...

  • Land slide hazard map in Vietnam

    Zoning data on landslide risk in Vietnam is extracted from the global landslide risk mapping data set. The product is presented qualitatively and is a combination of the Global ...

  • Khmer rouge: prisons, memorials, and burial sites

    This spatial dataset shows the locations of 158 prisons run by the Khmer Rouge (Democratic Kampuchea, or ‘DK’) during April 1975-January 1979, 309 DK mass-grave sites (including...

  • Drought monitoring in Cambodia

    This dataset shows the drought anomaly index, as of 08 May 2017. This denotes areas of the country affected by water shortages. The information is based on satellite data of the...

  • Vulnerability to climate hazards

    Vulnerability to climate hazards is implied by indicators, defined as the Vulnerability Index (VI), which corresponding to major natural hazards, categorized as drought, storm, ...

  • Baseline Data-set

    The MIMU have been tracking more than 200 indicators from various sources and the dataset is available through their website.

  • Incidence Flood & Cyclonic Events (2008-2015) Prod2

    This is the Incidence Flood & Cyclonic Events data from MIMU.

  • Projects Risk Reduction (2012-2016) Prod2

    This is the Projects Risk Reduction data from MIMU.

  • General Administration Department (GAD) 2016-17- Module 3 Weather & Natural Environment, Natural Disasters Section Prod2

    This is the Natural Disasters section from Module 3 Weather & Natural Environment in the General Administration Department 2016-2017 data.

  • Natural Disaster Risks Prod2

    This is the natural disaster risks data including Storm Surge, Tsunami, Flooding, Earthquake, Cyclone and Drought.

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