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Topics: Agriculture and fishing

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  • Performance Review and Policy Options For Sustainable Irrigation Development In Lao PDR

    Over the past two decades, irrigation has been a vital and integral part of agricultural and rural development programs throughout Lao PDR. Areas under irrigation have more than...

  • Laos at a glance [Agriculture]

    This briefing page informs about the situation of agricultural sector in Laos based in Agriculture Census 2010/11.

  • Lao Government Appoints Committee to Enforce Timber Export Ban

    This news article gives information on the ministerial ban of raw timber export of Lao PDR.

  • Country Report: Lao PDR [Livestock and Fisheries]

    This is a report on livestock and fisheries situation in Lao PDR from Livestock & Fisheries Products Quality Assurance Unit.

  • Foreign Agricultural Investment Country Profile: Lao Peoples Democratic Republic

    This is a profile of foreign agricultural investment in Lao PDR. The sheet gives general information regarding investment in general and the agricultural sector. It also explore...

  • Fisheries Country Profile: Lao PDR

    This page explains a profile on the fisheries sector in Lao PDR, updated in 2017.

  • LAOS: Sustainability of Future Rice Production Growth and Food Security Uncertain

    This page highlights information regarding the rice production growth and food security in Lao PDR.

  • The potential for organic agriculture in Laos

    Laos has a range of conditions which favor organic production for in-country consumption and export including: 1) the low external input systems presently used allows for easy...

  • Organic agriculture in Laos PDR: Overview and development options

    This report was prepared by Mr Vitoon Panyakul of Earth Net Foundation/Green Net ( It is the outcome of a five day visit to Laos in late November 2008 and na...

  • Development Strategy of the Crop Sector 2025 and Vision 2030 [Lao PDR]

    Development Strategy of the Crop Sector 2025 is one of the strategic documents which include an analysis of crop production and development of the crop sector which has been car...

  • Organic Opportunities in Lao PDR

    This presentation slides explain the overview of organic agriculture opportunities in Lao PDR.

  • Organic Agriculture in Lao PDR: Overview

    This is a presentation about the Organic Agriculture in Lao PDR.

  • Organic Farming in Lao PDR

    About 83% of the population of the Lao PDR is rural and 66% depend on subsistence agriculture. Organic agriculture has good potential, both for local consumption and the export ...

  • Catalyzing Subnational Development in Myanmar

    This paper aims to extract lessons from development partners’ engagement in Myanmar to offer suggestions for improved subnational governance and balanced regional development. T...

  • Alternatives to Land Grabbing: Smallholder Engagement in Commodity Booms in Southeast Asia

    Given the widespread smallholder impulse to engage in commodity booms in Southeast Asia and the potential for this engagement to offer a more inclusive development pathway than ...

  • Agribusiness Models for Inclusive Growth in Myanmar: Diagnosis and Ways Forward

    Myanmar is at a crossroad. Given high levels of landlessness and land inequality and low productivity of most small and medium-scale farmers (SMFs), the country is searching for...

  • Agriculture Development Strategy to 2025 and Vision to the Year 2030

    The Agriculture Development Strategy 2025 defined the objectives, goals, targets and expected outcomes for the Agriculture Development in development stage of the country. It ha...

  • Status Report on Fish Conservation Zones in Lao PDR

    Fish Conservation Zones (FCZs) have been officially established throughout the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) as a community fisheries management strategy over the pa...

  • Briefing Paper on Research on Agricultural Investments

    Agricultural investments are crucial to improve productivity and to raise the incomes and food security. Investments by small-holder farmers themselves are the main source of ag...

  • Land and Forest Governance in the Naga Village Republic

    This report is based on a research project on the Naga customary land tenure system, conducted by Resource Rights for The Indigenous Peoples (RRtIP) in collaboration with Land C...

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