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Topics: Extractive industries revenue

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  • Project fact sheet: Tracking public revenues from extractive industries in Cambodia

    The tracking public revenues from extractive industries in Cambodia project aims to enhance government accountability and increase awareness and public debate.

  • Increasing transparency in the extractive industries in Cambodia

    This report analyzes the regulatory framework for the extractive industries in Cambodia. It uses several non-governmental sources to estimate the revenue amount that the governm...

  • Main events of Extractive Industry Projects in Cambodia

    This dataset has no description

  • Lords of Jade

    Myanmar’s jade business may be the biggest natural resource heist in modern history. The sums of money involved are almost incomprehensibly high and the levels of accountability...

  • Jade: Myanmar's "Big State Secret"

    Drawing on over a year of investigations, this report shows for the first time how a multi-billion dollar trade in one of the planet’s most precious gemstones is tightly control...

  • Extractive Industries newsletter

    This newsletter was developed to share concerns in oil production in Cambodia for 2016. Those concerns are the impact of economic revenue and corruption. In addition, it showed ...

  • Lessons in extractive industries revenue management implications for Cambodia

    This​ policy​ brief​ discusses​ about​ the​ major​ challenges​ Cambodia​ might​ face​ from​ the​ unready​ and​ unstructured​ management​ on​ the​ revenues​ from​ oil​ and​ gas​ ...

  • Đánh giá hiệu quả KT-XH, phân chia lợi ích và quản lý nguồn thu trong khai thác titan 2013

    Báo cáo nghiên cứu tập trung vào các kết quả ban đầu về hiệu quả kinh tế - xã hội trong hoạt động khai thác titan ở Bình Định, đồng thời phác họa bức tranh về phân chia lợi ích ...

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