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  • Land Law

    The Land Law is to set the effective land use, protection and utilization regime to contribute to the integration of the National Socio-Economic Development Network

  • Guidelines for the Forestry Department to Implement the Law Enforcement of Labor Law and to Supervise the Company

    Guidelines for the Forestry Department to Implement the Law Enforcement of Labor Law and to Supervise the Company

  • Wood trading rules.

    Wood trading rules.

  • The constitutional decree.

    The constitutional decree.

  • Laos regulatory impact assessment (RIA) 2013

    To address this requires better consideration of the purpose, impacts and compliance/enforcement costs of regulations.

  • The use of certification certificates, economic and technical reviews in the promotion of industrial tree planting

    The Company must operate in accordance with the laws on domestic and foreign investment laws and legislation in Lao PDR and must comply with the conditions set out in this certi...

  • From customary law through "huong uoc" (village rules) to the state law

    Huong uoc” is of the Viet (Kinh) majority people and the product of village culture. It was written in Han (Chinese), Nom (Demotic or ancient Vietnamese) or Vietnamese scripts, ...

  • National report of Thailand. Review of administrative decisions of government by the Administrative Court of Thailand, report to the 10th Congress of IASAJ

    This report provides an overview of the scope of the jurisdictional competence of the Administrative Court of Thailand with the emphasis on its power to review the administrativ...

  • Regulation on the approval procedure for proposed clean development mechanism (CDM) project activities in Laos

    The purpose of this regulation is to define the necessary principles, rules, measures and procedures for operation of the CDM framework for the national approval of proposed CDM...

  • Advocacy in Cambodia: Increasing Democratic Space 2002

    This report aims to identify lessons learned from the advocacy experience in Cambodia that can be shared with advocates working in various sectors. Analysis is based on review o...

  • Mining - Development - Environment: Gaps between theory and practice

    This dataset has no description

  • Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam 1992 (As Amended 2001)

    Adopted on: 15 April 1992 – unanimously adopted by Legislature VII of the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam at its 11th session on 15 April 1992, signed by ...

  • Góp ý dự thảo quyết định cải tạo, phục hồi môi trường và ký quỹ CT, PHMT đối với khai khoáng 2012

    Góp ý của Trung tâm Con người và Thiên nhiên (PanNature) cho bản dự thảo lần 2 Quyết định về cải tạo, phục hồi môi trường và ký quỹ cải tạo, phục hồi môi trường đối với hoạt độn...

  • Đánh giá tác động môi trường ở Việt Nam: Từ pháp luật đến thực tiễn 2009

    Báo cáo phân tích về khiá cạnh pháp lý cũng như hiện trạng thực hiện của hoạt động đánh gia tác động môi trường (ĐTM) nhằm cải thiện các quy định pháp luật cũng như cải thiện hi...

  • Land policy and land law: extended synopsis

    An extended abstract of Natalia Scurrah and Philip Hirsch's report on land law in the Mekong region, published by Mekong Land Research Forum.

  • Bản tin chính sách số 19: Tội phạm về môi trường, 2015

    Bản tin Chính sách kỳ này được xuất bản trong khi Quốc hội đang đi đến cuối tiến trình sửa đổi bốn Bộ luật lớn là Hình sự, Tố tụng Hình sự, Dân sự và Tố tụng Dân sự. Trong đó, n...

  • Bản tin chính sách số 12 - Quý IV/2013

    This dataset has no description

  • GMS cross-border transport facilitation agreement (Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, plus amendments to include Cambodia, China and Myanmar)

    The full text of the agreement between Laos, Thailand and Vietnam for the facilitation of cross-border transport of goods and people (1999), plus later amendments to include Ca...

  • Violence against women: How Cambodian laws discriminate against women

    This report analyses Cambodia's laws on domestic violence, marriage, rape, and human trafficking, to determine whether the laws contravene the Convention on the Elimination of...

  • Hierarchy of laws in Cambodia

    This fact sheet provides an overview of the hierarchy of laws in Cambodia and highlights the fact that legal instruments are often misused, thereby jeopardizing the principle of...

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