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Last updated October 17, 2018
Created October 17, 2018
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Name Chapter 2: Climate change and natural disaster

Apart from side effects of socio-economic development, the environment has been suffering from negative impacts of climage change, specifically irrregular natural disasters in recent years. Vietnam was one of the most vulnerable countries to the effects of climage change, reflecting in the increase in number and level of extreme natural disasters (typhoon, heavy rain, flood, drought, high fllood tide, etc.). Climate change also results in damages to water resource and sea level rise. Effects climate change have influences negatively economic development, human's life and environment. As a consequence of climate change, in the period from 2011 to 2015, natural disasters have become more extreme and reached a number of records, such as: scorching hot weather from Nothern region to Central Southern region; heavy rain in Quang Ninh; land erosions and slides, soil salinization, water scarcity,... Year 2015 was noted with a number of climate extremes such as frozen weather in the North; irregular heavy rain in Quang Ngai; cyclones, freezing rain, and typhoon in other areas. These natural disasters caused severe damage on human's life, public health, the economy, as well as the environment.

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