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  • Sub-Decree No. 26 on the Financial Management System of the Commune/Sangkat

    This Sub decree aims to determined on Financial system of Khum and Sangkat following by the Articles 73, 79, 81, 82, 83 on Law of Administrative Management Khum/Sangkat.

  • Sub-Decree on the Procedures for Organising, Amendment and Cancellation of the Warrants of Municipal Councils and District Councils

    This sub-decree aims to ensure the exercise of authorities of the Capital Councils, Municipal Councils, District Councils and Khan Councils.

  • Law on the Election of Commune/Sangkat Council

    The purpose of this law is to determine the administration and the conduct of the election of commune/sangkat council.

  • Prakas of the Ministry of Interior on Delegation of Power to Provincial and Municipal Governors in Support of the Commune Councils

    dataset တွင် မည်သည့်ဖော်ပြမှုမှ မပါရှပါ

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