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ခေါင်းစဥ်များ: Economic land concessions and plantations

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  • Manual on implementation of order 01 dated 07 May, 2012 on measures strengthening and increasing effectiveness of ELC management

    This​ manual​ compiled​ 12​ law​ documents​ which​ are​ related​ to​ the​ implementation​ of​ government​ on​ strengthening​ and​ increasing​ effectiveness​ of​ management​ of​...

  • Compensation and Resettlement Policy Framework

    A government document outlining practices for handling land concessions and forced relocation in regards to international investment projects.

  • Land concession induced livelihood changes: Research on land and livelihood impacts from land concession from mono-culture tree plantation

    This research was done to contribute to the debate on the economic concession model by providing local people's perspectives and experiences of the plantations, as well as to...

  • Turning land into capital: A review of recent research on land concessions for investment in Lao PDR

    A review of existing literature related to Lao PDR's "Turning Land into Capital" policy and the status of land concessions and investment in the country. Part 1 of 2 in this...

  • Turning land into capital a review of recent research on land concessions for investment in Lao PDR part 1 of 2 – Existing literature

    A land concession is the limited conceding of a land-based right (or rights) by the state to an investor in order to lower the investor’s assumed risk to a level that will...

  • Study on urban land management and planning in Lao PDR

    This study analyzes the institutional landscape, processes and track record of urban planning and land management in Lao PDR, and makes recommendations to improve...

  • Laos resource mapping and farmer input market studies

    This study is the first attempt to provide background information on the bamboo sector in Laos in general, and in Houaphan and Xiengkhouang Province in particular. Furthermore...

  • Local Initiatives to link farmers to markets in upland Laos

    Throughout Laos, local government and aid-supported rural development projects are promoting schemes to increase rural production. Only a few organizations have tried to tackle...

  • Land concessions, land tenure, and livelihood change: Plantation development in Attapeu province, southern Laos

    This paper seeks to add to the growing literature on land concessions by examining a recent, high-level concession as a means of understanding three aspects related to...

  • Rubber production in northern Laos: Geographies of growth and contractual diversity

    This report examines how this has happened using both a secondary literature review and firsthand fieldwork data.

  • Mitigation of GHG: Rubber based agro-forestry system for sustainable development and poverty reduction in Pakkading, Bolikhamsay Province, Lao PDR

    A project outline for a rubber plantation in Bolikhamxay province, including overview of social and environmental issues in the project area, government policies and...

  • Marketing and domestication of NTFPs in north Phonsali three districts

    Elimination of opium production, Reduction of drug abuse through alternative development, demand reduction and law enforcement, Integration of the target areas into the...

  • Impacts of contract farming on poverty and environment in Lao PDR

    This study builds on the results of existing research and links to ongoing research in contract farming to generate policy-relevant information. The overall goal of this study...

  • Forest transitions and rural livelihoods: Multiple pathways of smallholder teak expansion in northern Laos

    In this paper, the authors draw on a household survey conducted in five teak-growing villages and case studies of different household types to explore the role that small-scale...

  • Land use impacts by planting bananas of Chinese companies case study in Oudomxay

    Land Use Impacts by Planting Bananas of Chinese Companies Case Study in Oudomxay

  • Harvesting bamboo to create a community-level economy

    Harvesting bamboo to create a community-level economy

  • Assessing the perspective of the impact of concessions on land concessions with forest resources in Ban Pradu and Baan Tharak District, Tavoy Province, Saravane.

    Assessment of the status of timber and non-timber forest products after land concessions. Establish a post-concessional population (with respect to economic, social, land and...

  • Summary of economic, social and environmental impact assessments from industrial timber projects in Lao PDR

    Summary of economic, social and environmental impact assessments from industrial timber projects in Lao PDR

  • Decree on Land Lease or Concession No. 135 / Nang Vientiane, May 25, 2009

    Decree on Land Lease or Concession No. 135 / Nang Vientiane, May 25, 2009

  • Policy brief #2: Rural land management and land administration

    This brief identifies the drivers of change in rural land use in the northern uplands, the main relevant government policies and programs and key land issues and challenges.

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