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  • Results for Pyithu Hluttaw, Myanmar by-elections, 2012

    This dataset describes results of each candidate who competed for Pyithu Hluttaw during 2012 by-elections of Union of Myanmar.

  • Pyithu Hlttaw and Amyothar Hluttaw representatives from 2015

    Candidates who were elected in 2015 Election became representatives at Pyithu Hluttaw and Amyothar Hluttaw.

  • Results for Pyithu Hluttaw, Myanmar General Election, 2010

    Results for Pyithu Hluttaw of Myanmar General Election, 2010

  • Results for Pyithu Hluttaw, Myanmar General Election, 2015

    2015 Election for each candidate from each Pyithu Hluttaw constituency.

  • An Analysis of Poverty in Myanmar: Trends between 2004/05 and 2015

    The Myanmar Poverty and Living Conditions Survey (MPLCS) was conducted in early 2015 on a nationally representative sample of households. The survey was undertaken through a c...

  • Births And Childhood Deaths

    2014 Myanmar Census, Series F: Births and Childhood Deaths 1. Women in conventional households aged 15 - 54 by children ever born to ever-married women and children dead, by a...

  • List of Union and State/Region Ministers

    This dataset contain a list of current Union and State/Region Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Myanmar

  • The levels of CBR-TFR and total marital fertility rates TMFR by State Region and childhood mortality

    2014 Myanmar Census, Main Report (Union) Department of Population, Ministry of Immigration and Population

  • Distribution of seamounts within Myanmar’s maritime limits

    This shape file shows the distribution of Seamounts within Myanmar’s maritime limits. Seamounts are large submarine volcanic mountains rising at least 1,000 m above the surround...

  • Myanmar Power Stations

    List of power stations in Myanmar and their electricity production

  • Occupation and Industry

    The datasets under this topic cover the following, 1.Population in employment aged 10 years and over by industry and age Both Sexes UNION 2.Population in employment aged 10 y...

  • Beneficial Ownership: Tackling Hidden Company Ownership Through Myanmar's EITI Process

    This paper focuses on a new and ground-breaking provision of EITI: a requirement for the identities of the real owners – the ‘beneficial owners’ – of extractive industry compani...

  • Area and Population Density by State/Region

    2014 Myanmar Census Department of Population, Ministry of Immigration and Population

  • Forest Law 2018

    Forest Law 2018 as amended, repeals the 1992 Forest Law.

  • Myanmar Annual Hospital Statistics Reports

    This report is intended to provide information regarding reporting status of the public and private hospitals, availability and utilization of hospital services, performance of ...

  • Fiscal Decentralization in Myanmar: Towards a Roadmap for Reform

    This discussion paper by Hamish Nixon and Cindy Joelene intends to inform the wider discussion about how best to proceed with fiscal decentralization in Myanmar. Its goal is to ...

  • Lords of Jade

    Myanmar’s jade business may be the biggest natural resource heist in modern history. The sums of money involved are almost incomprehensibly high and the levels of accountability...

  • Myanmar Oil & Gas Sector Wide Impact Assessment

    The Oil & Gas Sector-Wide Impact Assessment (SWIA), developed by the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB) in partnership with its co-founders, the Institute of Human R...

  • Myanmar EITI Report December 2015 Oil and Gas Blocks Licenses

    Details of the licenses of onshore and offshore oil and gas blocks released in the 2015 Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Report for 2013-2014

  • Jade: Myanmar's "Big State Secret"

    Drawing on over a year of investigations, this report shows for the first time how a multi-billion dollar trade in one of the planet’s most precious gemstones is tightly control...