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  • Myanmar Mining Areas

    This is a dataset of possible mining areas in Myanmar that was digitized from a systematic search of high-resolution imagery available on Google Earth and Bing Aerial. Digitizin...

  • Yangon Bus Service Public Data

    This is version 0.1.14 of the Yangon Bus Service Public Data shared by Yangon Regional Transport Authority (YRTA)

  • Myanmar Hydrobasins

    WMS Resources for layers: Myanmar Hydrobasins

  • mmr_ady_village_point_mimu_pc_v8_1

    WMS Resources for layers: mmr_ady_village_point_mimu_pc_v8_1

  • mmr_bgo_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

    WMS Resources for layers: mmr_bgo_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

  • Main River Basins in Myanmar

    WMS Resources for layers: Main River Basins in Myanmar

  • mmr_chn_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

    WMS Resources for layers: mmr_chn_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

  • mmr_mdy_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

    WMS Resources for layers: mmr_mdy_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

  • mmr_mgy_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

    WMS Resources for layers: mmr_mgy_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

  • mmr_mon_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

    WMS Resources for layers: mmr_mon_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

  • mmr_npt_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

    WMS Resources for layers: mmr_npt_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

  • mmr_sag_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

    WMS Resources for layers: mmr_sag_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

  • mmr_shn_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

    WMS Resources for layers: mmr_shn_village_point_mimu_pc_v8i

  • Agro-Ecological Regions of Myanmar

    The zonation is based on three factors, each reflecting physical constraints on agriculture: altitude, slope, rainfall, and nutrient availability. The Ago-Ecological Zones are t...

  • Myanmar National Boundaries

    National boundaries for Myanmar (polygons) legal land descriptions. Examples: political and administrative boundaries. Place names from GAD with transliteration by MIMU. Boundar...

  • Myanmar Oil and Gas blocks

    Details of the licenses of onshore and offshore oil and gas blocks as of 2015

  • Myanmar State and Region Boundaries

    Myanmar State and Region boundaries (polygons). Place names from GAD with transliteration by MIMU. Boundaries by MIMU.

  • 58 Sub-Basins in Myanmar

    WMS Resources for layers: 58 Sub-Basins in Myanmar

  • Yangon ward boundaries

    Ward shp file (polygons) for Yangon city which includes the 33 townships of YCDC area. Pcoded as of Pcode v8.1

  • Myanmar Electoral Constituency Boundaries

    This dataset contains map layers detailing constituency boundaries for the two houses of Myanmar's Assembly of the Union (Pyidaungsu Hluttaw): 1. House of Nationalities (Amyoth...