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บทความ: Environment and natural resources

  • Sub-decree No.228 on the establishment of Boeung Karde multiple use area

    This sub-decree shows the establishment of Boeung Karde multiple-use areas with an area of ​​1,643 (one thousand six hundred and forty-three) hectares in the geographical...

  • Mekong Regional Hydropower Dams 2020


  • Global Critical Habitat


  • Hydro basins level 3 Mekong


  • Greater Mekong Subregion hydropower dams (2016)


  • The 4th state of environment report

    The purpose of the 4th state of environment report is to summarize the current situation and environmental trends in the Kingdom of Cambodia, to further support the development...

  • USAID GREENING PREY LANG Assessment of Impacts of Development And Climate Change on Natural Resources in The Prey Lang Extended Landscape

    USAID Greening Prey Lang (GPL) conducted the Assessment of Impacts of Development and Climate Change on Natural Resources in the Prey Lang Extended Landscape (PLEL) (PLEL...

  • Review, comments and recommendations on the Draft Environment and Natural Resources Code (Version 11) of Cambodia

    This discussion note aims to review, comments and recommendations on the Draft Environment and Natural Resources Code (Version 11) of Cambodia.

  • New Species Discoveries in 2020 in the Greater Mekong

    The Greater Mekong region is one of planet Earth’s most important biodiversity hotspots, highlighted by the endless number of new species discovered there every year. The...

  • National REDD+ Strategy 2017-2026

    The goal of this strategy is to reduce deforestation and forest degradation while promoting sustainable management, conservation of natural resources and contribute to poverty...

  • Law on the establishment of the Ministry of Environment

    The Ministry of Environment is established under the jurisdiction of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

  • Statistical yearbook of Cambodia 2021

    The statistical yearbook of Cambodia 2021 is the baseline document of statistical data produced by the National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Planning. This book provides...

  • Sihanoukville Land Management Plan: Vision 2030

    Sihanoukville Land Management Plan aims to: - Orient land use, natural resources and urban planning effectively, sustainably and equitability to support socio-economic...

  • EITI Report for the Period 2017- 2018

    The purpose of this Report is to reconcile the data provided by companies operating in the extractive sector (hereafter referred to as “Companies”) with the data provided by...

  • แหล่งมรดกโลก ประเทศไทย

    รายชื่อแหล่งมรดกทางวัฒนธรรมและทางธรรมชาติที่ได้รับการขึ้นทะเบียนไว้ในบัญชีรายชื่อแหล่งมรดกโลก ภายใต้อนุสัญญาว่าด้วยการคุ้มครองมรดกโลกทางวัฒนธรรมและทางธรรมชาติ หรืออนุสัญญาคุ้มคร...

  • Myanmar’s Nascent Environmental Governance System: Challenges and Opportunities

    This is one of the articles of Natural Resources & Environment (NR&E) which is a quarterly magazine of practical, informative articles for practitioners. NR&E is...

  • สายพันธุ์ที่ถูกคุกคามของประเทศไทย


  • Laos Aqueduct Atlas

    The Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas (Aqueduct) is a robust communication tool that represents water-related risk through hydrological indicators. The framework comprises of 12...

  • Facilitating agreements for community–private sector partnerships in forest landscapes in Lao PDR

    This book is a guidance to help practitioners facilitate partnership agreements for the sustainable trade of forest products and/or services in the context of forest landscape...

  • Taking Stock: Tracking Trends in European Aid for Forests and Communities

    Forests and forest-dependent communities are under increasing pressure due to infrastructure projects and the growing demand for agricultural commodities. Although there is...

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