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ปรับปรุงครั้งล่าสุด 22 ธันวาคม ค.ศ. 2022
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ชื่อ Sub-decree no. 118 on land reclassification from state public property into state private property in Doung Commune, Champei Commune, and Pea Ream Commune, Bati District, Takeo Province

This sub-decree aims to reclassify the state private property of Svay Khom reservoir with an area of 641 hectares and 46 acres in Doung commune, Champei commune, and Pea Ream commune, Bati district and grant ownership to TP Moral Group company in order to implement on excavation, restoration and preparation of Svay Com Reservoir, which is kept as the state public property for 154 hectares, 93 acres.

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