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  • Department of Geological Survey and Mineral Explorer

    Archived webpage showing overview of role of DGSE.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Cambodia

    The sources from the official Facebook​ of Ministry of Health, Communicable Disease Control Department (CDC) and other collection of notifications from the Ministry of Health to...

  • Infographic of Social Land Concession Program in Cambodia

    This Social Land Concession infographic was coproduced by Open Development Cambodia (ODC) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Cambodia, funded by...

  • Preliminary report: data on rainfall damage and impact 2020

    This preliminary report presents data on casualties, damage and impacts on social sector, production sector and infrastructure by the 2020 raining flood.

  • Stimson: Mekong Infrastructure Tracker

    The Mekong Infrastructure Tracker database​​ is a tracking tool launched by the Stimson Center, which builds on existing data to present a comprehensive source of information on...

  • How to Improve Myanmar’s Covid-19 Emergency Relief Program

    Blogpost on How to Improve Myanmar’s Covid-19 Emergency Relief Program

  • MOHS_Quarantine Program (as of 7.9.2020)

    It is the quarantine program including the SWAB test schedule, for the returnees from foreign countries, and primary contacts with the confirmed case,

  • MOHS_Discharge Criteria for COVID-19 patients (as of 7-9-2020)

    It describes the discharges criteria for symptomatic patients and asymptomatic patients, which are defined by the Department of Medical Services of MOHS.

  • MoHS_Announcement and Notification for COVID-19 Cases in Myanmar

    This record includes data resources for announcements and notifications of COVID-19 in Myanmar from the official websites of the Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar.

  • National guidelines on minimum package of activities for health center development 2008-2015

    The purposes of this guidelines are to provide a comprehensive guidance on Minimum Package of Activity (MPA) services and some essential activities to be provided by health...

  • MOHS Instructions for returnees to control COVID-19_24 May 2020

    Dữ liệu này không có mô tả

  • A New Look at Special Economic Zones in Asia-ADB

    As countries in developing Asia adjust to shifting global economic realities – including lower trade volumes, volatile commodity prices, and ongoing slow growth in industrial...

  • Rapid Gender Analysis during COVID-19 Pandemic: Mekong Sub-Regional Report

    This unprecedented crisis unfolds against many existing challenges including persistent gender inequalities, existing inequalities in access to health, weak health...

  • Investigating Solutions to Marine Plastic Pollution in Cambodia

    This report reviews and synthesises research on the status and drivers of plastic waste and pollution in the coastal and marine ecosystems of Cambodia, identifying and...

  • Open Budget Survey 2015: Results for MYANMAR

    Dữ liệu này không có mô tả

  • Myanmar flora and fauna

    As in the rest of tropical Asia, most indigenous vegetation in Myanmar is associated with two basic types of tropical forest: monsoon forest (with a distinctive dry season of...

  • Myanmar Living Conditions Survey 2017, Report 04: Socio-Economic Report

    The Myanmar Living Conditions Survey 2017 (MLCS 2017) is a comprehensive household survey conducted by Myanmar’s Central Statistical Organization of the Ministry of Planning,...

  • Standard Operation Procedures for Restaurants

    Dữ liệu này không có mô tả

  • Myanmar Freedom of Expression Scorecard_2 May 2019

    Dữ liệu này không có mô tả

  • Myanmar leaves no one behind in its fight against COVID-19 in Rakhine State

    Press release outlining the actions of the Myanmar government regarding the ongoing conflict in Rakhine State

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