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Myanmar EITI Report December 2015 Jade Mining Licenses

Details of the licenses of jade mining blocks released in the 2014 Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Report for 2013-2014

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Data Resource Preview - Myanmar EITI Report December 2015 Jade Mining Licenses

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  • Extractive industries
  • Extractive industries licensing and payments
  • Gemstone mining
  • Gemstones
  • Mining
  • English
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Dataset reference date January 2, 2016
Temporal extent's start date December 31, 2015
Temporal extent's end date December 31, 2015
  • Myanmar
Positional Accuracy Coordinates were inputted using the available data provided in the documents and is as accurate as that which is provided.
Logical Consistency There are no known issues with logical consistency.
Completeness The dataset is incomplete.
Process Step 1. Separated original "Date of Application" field to department, departmental_reference, and date_of_applicaion 2. Reformatted all date fields to DD-MM-YYYY 3. Converted license area from acres to m^2 and added column for area in m^2 4. Split license block coordinates column into name and number
Lineage Myanmar 2013 EITI Report,, dataset was obtained from Appendix 10b of the report:
Responsible party 1. Zaw OO, Myanmar National Coordinator, Myanmar EITI, Tel: +951-654770 2. Alex Gordy, Myanmar Country Manager, EITI International Secretariat, Tel: +66 88 604 9930, Email:
Metadata creator information
Attributes 1. code_ref 2. license_holder 3. type_of_license 4. department - either "Oo Si" or "Kyi Kyat" 5. departmental_reference - most likely some sort of date 6. date_of_application - in DD-MM-YYYY format 7. date_of_award - in DD-MM-YYYY format 8. expiry_date - in DD-MM-YYYY format 9. commodity 10. area_acre 11. area_sq_m 12. location_region 13. license_block_name - name of jade mining block 14. license_block_number - number of jade mining block
License Creative Commons Attribution
Copyright Unclear copyright
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