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Topics: Agriculture and fishing

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  • Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing

    llegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing remains one of the greatest threats to marine ecosystems due to its potent ability to undermine national and regional efforts t...

  • Promoting farmer production group and written contract farming as key success factors 2016

    This paper provides an assessment of cross-border contract farming between Lao PDR and China using the case of pumpkins in Luang Namtha province. In recent years, Lao government...

  • Guidelines for the establishment of participatory water management regulations

    Guidelines for the establishment of participatory water management regulations is the important step for establish of strong , prevent and protect another water resources

  • Report on fish farming.

    Fish raising since the 1980s at the basin and gradually expanded and expanded, as well as in the two main forms of fish raising: mangrove conservation and aquaculture.

  • An introduction to the fisheries of Lao PDR

    This report, the sixth in the Development Series, summarises key aspects of the fisheries of Lao PDR, providing an introduction and overview for a general audience. It is hoped ...

  • Report on fish farming

    In the past, some farmers have been successful in fish farming, but there are still some unsuccessful results due to high costs and unreliable fish stocks.

  • Economic, social and environmental assessments of industrial plantations in Lao PDR

    The main purpose of this survey is to look at the overview of fisheries and provide information on future management of fisheries and aquatic resources.

  • Community Management of Mekong River Resources in Laos

    Local fishers living in Khong district, Champasak province, where over 100 villages on the islands in the Mekong or are situated on the banks of the river, have reported severe ...

  • SEAFDEC Initiatives Toward Sustainable Development of Fisheries in ASEAN Region

    Description, scope, deliverables, and resources mobilized for SEAFDEC's implementation of SDG 14.

  • About SEAFDEC

    Description of SEAFDEC.

  • Agriculture and natural resources sector needs assessment

    This document is the Inception Report for the Agriculture and Natural Resources Sector Needs Assessment (TA: 4843-LAO) to evaluate development in the ANR sector.

  • Food Systems and Natural Resources

    The authors provide solid evidence on the need to transition to more ‘resource-smart food systems’, an imperative for the achievement of at least 12 out of the 17 Sustainable De...

  • Effects of Climate Change on Supply and Demand of Rice in Cambodia

    The objective of the study is to measure impacts of climate change on rice price and demand of rice in Cambodia under moderate emission scenario and high emission scenario, usin...

  • New Strategy to Develop National Organic Agriculture

    The Cabinet on 11 April 2017 approved the National Organic Agriculture Development Strategy, 2017-2021. The five-year strategy seeks to increase organic agricultural productivit...

  • Joint Statement of the Implementation of Sustainable Consumption and Production in ASEAN

    Statement of the Ministers of Environment of the ASEAN member countries on implementing sustainable consumption and production.

  • ABC of SCP: Clarifying Concepts on Sustainable Consumption and Production

    This publication “ABC of SCP” aims to clarify the main terms and concepts related to sustainable consumption and production, and other terms associated with sustainable developm...

  • On Gender Mainstreaming Strategies and Tools in Fisheries Development Projects: RFLP Gender Strategy and Lessons from the Asia-Pacific Region

    Traditionally, most fisheries development projects have focused on technical aspects, lacking consideration of gender issues during the identification, implementation and monito...

  • Women in Fisheries in Asia

    This paper begins with a review of the cultural and political background of selected Asian countries (Bangladesh,Cambodia, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, the Lao PDR, Ma...

  • Summary report on activities and achievement 2005-2006 and planning 2006-2007 of MAFF

    Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, report for 2005-2006 gives an overview of Cambodia’s crop, animal and commercial farm production, and the status of r...

  • Agreement on the cooperation for the sustainable development of the Mekong River Basin 5 April 1995

    An agreement by the country members of Mekong River Commission on the cooperation for the sustainable development of Mekong River Basin agreed by the MRC members done in Chiang ...

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