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Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand

The Thailand Civil and Commercial Code is the main body of laws that deals with the legal affairs and rights of private persons (natural and juristic persons). It contains areas such as family law, inheritance law, contract law, property law, corporate law, commercial law and more. The general rule in Thailand is codified and works from the top written law down. Thai law is not made by judges as in case law, but you won't be able to fully understand the written law without also taking into account the rules for the exact interpretation of specific words and sections as given by the Thailand Supreme Court. Supreme Court rulings have binding authority, similar to written Thai laws.

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Field Value
Geographic area (spatial range)
  • Thailand
Issuing agency/parties
  • The King
  • English
Formal type of document Code
  • Forest policy and administration
  • Logging and timber
License unspecified
Copyright Yes
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Status Signed and in effect
Adoption date/Enacted/Promulgation date/Signing date January 1, 1925
Effective/Enforced Date January 1, 1925
Publication reference It shall come into force on the 1 st date of January B.E. 2468 (1925).
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