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License​ No.​ 523​ on​ authorizing​ Transol​ Mining​ and​ Exploration​ Company​ Pty​ LTD​ to​ conduct​ metallic​ ores​ exploration​ in​ Bor​ Kham​ area,​ O​ Yadao​ district,​ Rattanakiri​ province

The​ exploration​ license​ has​ authorized​ TRANSOL​ MINING​ AND​ EXPLORATION​ COMPANY​ PTY​ LTD​ to​ conduct​ metallic​ ores​ exploration​ in​ Bor​ Kham​ area,​ O​ Yadao​ district,​ Rattanakiri​ province​ on​ the​ land​ surface​ of​ 247​ (two​ hundred,​ forty​ seven)​ square​ kilometers​ with​ the​ specific​ location​ indicated​ on​ exploration​ license.​ The​ license​ has​ two​ years​ validity.​ The​ company​ can​ apply​ for​ a​ renewal​ license​ before​ 30​ days​ of​ expired​ date.​ In​ case​ of​ miss-conduct​ or​ offend​ over​ the​ terms​ of​ condition​ in​ the​ agreement​ dated​ on​ June​ 12,​ 2008,​ this​ license​ will​ be​ revoked​ or​ fined​ according​ with​ the​ law​ on​ the​ management​ and​ exploration​ of​ mineral​ resources.

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  • Cambodia
Document reference # 523
Issuing agency/parties
  • Ministry of Industries, Mines and Energy
Implementing agencies
  • General Inspector
  • Minister of Economy and Finance
  • Minister of Mines and Energy
  • Municipal-Provincial Governor/Council
  • English
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  • Extractive industries licensing and payments
  • Mining
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Status Signed and in effect
Adoption date/Enacted/Promulgation date/Signing date June 12, 2008
Effective/Enforced Date June 12, 2008
Publication reference Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy

Ministry of Mines and Energy

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