Prevention and control of COVID-19

Ministry of Health and Sports, Republic of the Union of Myanmar announced Order No 37/2020 on 16 April 2020 as follows:

Ministry of Health and Supports issued this Order according to Section 21 (b) of the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases Law.

1) Ministry of Health and Support decided that Coronavirus Disease 2019 - Covid-19 is communicable and infectious diseases with Order No 19/2020 on 28 February 2020.

2) People must comply with instructions, orders, and activities related to prevention and protection of Covid-19 of the Ministry of Health and Support.

3) To prevent and control of Covid-19, a group of 5 or more people gathering are banned except the following things:

(a) To go and back to serve in Government Departments and Government Organizations. (b) To go and back to serve in the company, industrials, and workplace. (c) Shopping in the permitted stores and markets. (d) Permitted transportation of products. (e) To do judicial activities. (f) To conduct to the prevention of Covid-19 in line with permits. (g) To conduct urgent issues and urgent relief. (h) To go to the clinic and hospital for health issues. (i) To conduct funeral activities.

4) Breaching of instructions and order relating with Covid-19 of Ministry of Health and Support will take action with "Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases Law".

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