Sub-decree No. 86 on cutting and reclassifying 588.4815 hectares of forest cover 2002 in Lumphat​ district and Ban Lung town, Ratanakiri province to be state private land for granting a collective ownership to Prau indigenous community and providing ownership rights over the land

Approximately 588.4815 hectares of land was cut out from forest cover 2002 in Lumphat district and Banlung town, Ratanakiri province, and reclassified as state private land for granting a collective ownership to Prau indigenous community by providing collective ownership rights over a total of 23 parcels of land This includes 5 residential land and 18 agricultural land.

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Data Resource Preview - Sub-decree​ No.​ 86​ on​ cutting​ and​ reclassifying​ 588.4815​ hectares​ of​ forest​ cover​ 2002​ in​ Lumphat​ district​ and​ Ban​ Lung​ town,​ Ratanakiri​ province​ to​ be​ state​ private​ land​ for​ granting​ a​ collective​ ownership​ to​ Prau​ indigenous​ community​ and​ providing​ ownership​ rights​ over​ the​ land

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Geographic area (spatial range)
  • Cambodia
  • Ratanakiri
Document reference # 86
Issuing agency/parties
  • Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Implementing agencies
  • Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
  • Khmer
Formal type of document Sub-decree
Alternative/short title Sub Decree on the Cutting of Land from Forest Cover for indigenous people in Ratanakiri Province
  • Communal land
  • Ethnic minorities and indigenous people
  • Land
  • State private land
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    Version date (of draft) 06/27/2019
    Adoption date/Enacted/Promulgation date/Signing date 06/27/2019
    Effective/Enforced Date 06/27/2019
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          Annex of the geographic location map and the coordination table were attached with this Sub-decree.

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