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Viet Nam: Hydro-Economic Framework for Assessing Water Sector Challenges

Vietnam is experiencing increasing variability in water availability across regions and seasons. Mitigating against the impacts of such changes requires a thorough assessment of the water challenges and the design of multi-stakeholder solutions, grounded in sound analytics.

Commissioned by the 2030 Water Resources Group, this analysis provides a high-level assessment of the Vietnam water sector, aimed at assessing the water demand-supply gap, mapping ongoing stakeholder initiatives, and identifying key private sector driven solutions for priority areas. prosperity. This analysis focuses on four river basins, which are the Hong-Thai Binh, Cuu Long, Mekong, South East Area River Cluster (SERC) and Dong Nai river, which account for 80% of Vietnam's GDP.

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Data Resource Preview - VIỆT NAM Khuôn khổ Kinh tế về Nước để Đánh giá các Thách thức của Ngành Nước

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Author (individual) Thomas Sagris (ARUP); Siraj Tahir (ARUP); Jennifer Möller-Gulland (consultant); Dr. Nguyễn Vinh Quang (ISET); Justin Abbott (ARUP); Lu Yang (ARUP);
Co-author (individual) Dr. Đào Trọng Tứ (CEWAREC); Tiến sỹ Nguyễn Văn Tuấn (VAWR); Dr. Nguyễn Ngọc Huy (ISET); Dr. Trần Văn Giải Phóng (ISET); Tùng Nguyễn (ARUP)
Publication place Vietnam
Publisher 2030 Water Resources Group
Publication date 2017
Pagination 116
General note

This report is supported by the Water Resources Alliance (2030 WRG), in collaboration with Ove Arup and Partners International Ltd (ARUP), the Institute for Environmental and Social Transformation and Vietnamese water experts. With support from Hungarian government.

Keywords Đánh giá kinh tế thủy văn,Quản lý nguồn tài nguyên nước tích hợp,Quản trị nước,Lưu vực sông,Đánh giá mức độ cao
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