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[Draft] Initial Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (IESIA) on Atay hydropower project in Veal Veng district Pursat project

The Stung Atay Hydropower Development Project was signed between the Royal Government and China Yunan Corporation for International Techchno-Economic Cooperation (CYC) on February 16, 2007 for a period of 30 years. The capacity of 120 MW will take about 4 years (construction started in May 2008 and completed in May 2012). The project has a total investment of about 255 million dollars.

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Data Resource Preview - Initial Environmental and Social Impact Asseessment (IESIA) : Atay hydropower project in Veal Veng district Pursat project

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Sawac Consultants for Development

Address: 1A, 259, Phum 2, Tuek L'ak Muoy, Tuol Kouk, Phnom Penh

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For the environmental management plan, the company developed the plan by setting up some essential measures for mitigating negative impacts, making an investigation on practicing the environmental protection measures, and setting up training programs for building human resources in environmental protection. In addition, infrastructures in the region will be development in the project region including repairing and construction road.

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This project will need 1100 employees and workers in which the local people will be the priority for the construction period. During the operation period, the project will require 88 labour forces for operation and maintenance including 33 of managing director and administrative staffs, engineering staffs 12, controlling and operation staffs 15, maintenance staff 25, and information staff 03.

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