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[Draft] Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment: Exploration and Exploitation Project of Ilmenite

Samnang Re Tbong Thmor Import Export and Development Co., Ltd. conducted a preliminary environmental impact assessment under the exploration and exploitation project of ilmenite, aimed to assess the ecology of plant and animal, to estimate natural carbon stocks and to study potential buffer zone, and social condition of local community in order to identify factors that cause negative effect to the environment and to define suitable measures to mitigate these risks.

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  • Samnang Rer Thbong Thmor Co. Ltd.
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  • Ministry of Mines and Energy
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Address: No. 24B, St. 218, Sangkat Teuk Laok 3, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh,

ခွင့်ပြုသော ဧရိယာ 3600.0
စာချုပ်ကာလ 6.0
စာချုပ်ကာလ ယူနစ် နှစ်များ
လုပ်ပိုင်ခွင့်အတွက် ပေးချေစရိတ် ယူနစ် $/m2
စာချုပ်အကောင်အထည်ဖော်ခြင်းအတွက် အာမခံကြိုတင်ငွေ ($) 0.0
အလုပ်အကိုင်ဖန်တီးပေးနိုင်မှု အကျဉ်းချုပ်

For serving project implementation, the company will need technical and labour force in total 194 numbers including: foreign mining specialist team, mining specialist from Ministry of Mine and Energy, basic geographic specialist, mining site staffs, labourer, cooker, driver, security gaurds for patrolling in the Company's headquarter and in the mine site.

ဖန်တီးပေးနိုင်သည့် အလုပ်အကိုင်အရေအတွက် 194.0
လူမှု-ယဉ်ကျေးမှုဆိုင်ရာ ကာကွယ်မှု

The company conducted an environmental and social impact assessment and adopted measures on environmental effect mitigation, which focus on principal factors such as Land use disturbances, Closing of pits and replanting of trees, sound pollution, Emission of CO2 and other environmental pollutants, Habitat loss and impact on wildlife, and Impacts on protected areas and loss of natural landscape.

ပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ဆိုင်ရာရန်ပုံငွေ အကျဉ်းချုပ်

The company estimated the budget for monitoring, evaluation and capacity building was estimated to be approximately USD 570,080 per year such as implementation of the Environmental Management Plan, monitoring, evaluation, and Capacity building. The annual budget for recovering the environment is estimated to be approximately USD 350,000.

ပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ဆိုင်ရာရန်ပုံငွေ စုစုပေါင်းပမာဏ 35000.0
ဆက်စပ်သော စီမံကိန်း

Samnang Rer Thbong Thmor:

ဆက်ခံရရှိကြောင်းညွှန်းဆိုသည့်စာတမ်း Draft_EIA_Samnang_Rea_Thbong_Thmor_Import_Export_and_Development__00.04.2010.pdf
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