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Last updated 2020၊ 25 ဩဂုတ်
Created 2020၊ 25 ဩဂုတ်
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အမည် Action Plan for Protection of Sea Turtles in Cambodia 2016-2026 (Khmer)

The complementary objectives of this action plans are to: 1. Reduce anthropogenic threats that cause mortality of sea turtles and their eggs 2. Protect and rehabilitate sea turtle foraging and nesting grounds 3. Strengthen research and monitoring of turtle populations, foraging and nesting habitats and by-catch reduction methods 4. Increase public awareness of the threats to sea turtles and their habitats, and enhance public participation in conservation activities and 5. Strengthen national and trans-boundary collaboration, and regional and international information sharing on sea turtles. This report outlines the priority actions needed to achieve these objectives, thereby ensuring the longterm survival of sea turtles in Cambodia.

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