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ခေါင်းစဥ်များ: Constitution and rights

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  • Convention on elimination of all form of descrimination against women

    The Convention defines discrimination against women as "...any distinction, exclusion or restriction made on the basis of sex which has the effect or purpose of impairing or...

  • Constitutional law on the amendment of new Article 19, 89, 98, 102, 119 (1) and 125 of the constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia and Articles 3 and 4 of the additional constitutional law to ensure the normal functioning of national institutions

    The 10th amendment to the constitution has two main objectives: (1) to ensure that the supreme institution of the nation, especially the executive branch, which has the main...

  • Draft constitution on the amendment to the new Articles 19, 82, 106 (1), 119, and 137 of the constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Articles 3 and 4 of the additional constitutional law to ensure the normal functioning of national institutions

    The draft constitution deals with the requirement of having only one Khmer nationality for the nation's top leaders, which the Cabinet has approved and is ready to submit to the...

  • The Code of Civil Procedure

    This Code was created with the purpose to determine the procedure in relation to civil actions as in accordance with the law in order to protect the rights of private parties.

  • Law on Implementation of the Civil Code

    This law aims to protect sustainability of legal relations in civil matters and guarantee proper application of the Civil Code.

  • Criminal Code

    Criminal Code of the Kingdom of Cambodia 2009 aims to provide the limitation of the criminal law, what people should and should not do, and other mechanisms pertaining to the...

  • ပြည်ထောင်စုသမ္မတမြန်မာနိုင်ငံတော် ဖွဲ့စည်းပုံအခြေခံဥပဒေကို ပြင်ဆင်သည့်ဥပဒေ

    dataset တွင် မည်သည့်ဖော်ပြမှုမှ မပါရှပါ

  • The Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia (2008)

    Cambodian Constitution is the supreme law of the Kingdom of Cambodia, enshrining values such as the rule of law, human rights, democracy and power separation deep into the...

  • မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ၏နိုင်ငံတော် ဖွဲ့စည်းပုံအခြေခံဥပဒေဆိုင်ရာခုံရုံး တင်သွင်းလွှာများ

    dataset တွင် မည်သည့်ဖော်ပြမှုမှ မပါရှပါ

  • Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand

    The Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand (Interim), B.E. 2557 (2014) Amendment (No. 1), B.E. 2558 (2015) accordingly provides that there shall be a Constitution Drafting...

  • Lao People's Democratic Republic's Constitution of 1991 with Amendments through 2003

    This Constitution is the constitution of the people’s democratic regime in our country. It recognises the great achievements of our people in the course of their struggles for...

  • Constitution of Lao People's Democratic Republic's (Amended 2015)

    The 2015 Constitution (Amended) was published in the Official Gazette (open access) on 4 February 2016. It is currently available in the Lao language only. The 2015...

  • Law on peaceful assembly

    This law is aimed at determining the organization and functioning of a peaceful assembly in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

  • Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand (Interim), B.E. 2557 (2014)

    The National Council for Peace and Order had to seize control over the administration of the State on 22nd May B.E. 2557 and announced the annulment of the Constitution of the...

  • Law on Financial Lease

    The purpose of this law is to determine the rights and obligations of parties involved in financial leasing operations and to introduce measures to safeguard those rights in the...

  • Law on Strong Acid Control

    The objective of this law is to regulate and monitor all types of Acid that can cause harm to all people in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

  • Law on Anti-Corruption

    This law has a purpose to promote effectiveness of all forms of service and strengthen good governance and rule of law in leadership and state governance as well as...

  • Law on Litigation of Personal Status

    This law applies to the special case of procedures in actions relating to personal status under the Code of Civil Procedure.​

  • Law on Land Traffic

    This law on land traffic aims to govern all road users, maintain order and safety of road trafficking and protect human and animal lives.

  • Law on Marriage and Family

    This law regulates and protects marriage and family law, to ensure the equality of the spouses in marriage and family.

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