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Constitutional law on the amendment of new Article 19, 89, 98, 102, 119 (1) and 125 of the constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia and Articles 3 and 4 of the additional constitutional law to ensure the normal functioning of national institutions

The 10th amendment to the constitution has two main objectives: (1) to ensure that the supreme institution of the nation, especially the executive branch, which has the main mission of leading the general work of the state, runs smoothly and sustainably in all circumstances, and (2) to ensure the protection and maintenance of national peace, social security, public order, and political stability in all circumstances as a foundation for the country's development in all areas and the peace of the Cambodian people.

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Data Resource Preview - Constitutional​ law​ on​ the​ amendment​ of​ new​ Article​ 19,​ 89,​ 98,​ 102,​ 119​ (1)​ and​ 125​ of​ the​ constitution​ of​ the​ Kingdom​ of​ Cambodia​ and​ Articles​ 3​ and​ 4​ of​ the​ additional​ constitutional​ law​ to​ ensure​ the​ normal​ functioning​ of​ national​ institutions

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