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Cambodian sustainable development goals framework (2016-2030)

In September 2015, the Royal Government came together with all UN member states at the annual session of the General assembly to endorse the expanded and more ambitious agenda set out by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2016-2030. The Royal Government has sought again to adapt these global goals to the national context and craft a fully localised set of targets - the Cambodia SDGs, or CSDGs – which will feed into national and sectoral development planning processes, and this document sets out the CSDG framework as a primary input to the National Strategic Development Plan 2019-2023. The framework has been developed through a series of preparations, which have included the Rapid Impact Assessment (RIA) mapping of SDG priorities to national goals; the UNSD assessment of indicators and data sources; and a round of consultations with government’s line ministries and various technical working groups.

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Data Resource Preview - Cambodian sustainable development goals framework (2016-2030) [Khmer]

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