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Community Land Titling in Thailand: The Legal Evolution and Piloting of Titling Policy

The purpose of this thematic study is to provide a comprehensive overview of land tenure systems in Thailand, with a focus upon the recent development of community land titling (CLT) programmes. It is hoped that the clarification and dissemination of such information will act as a useful point of reference for policy-makers and other related stakeholders around the region. As land systems are formalised, community land titling represents a mechanism to enshrine and protect local ownership and use rights. The experience of Thailand can act as a marker for the introduction, formalisation, implementation and administration of such titles, facilitating parallel initiatives in neighbouring countries.

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Data Resource Preview - Community Land Titling in Thailand: The legal evolution and piloting of titling policy

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It is produced under RCSD - Mekong Land Research Forum and Mekong Region Land Governance, Thematic Study Series #7. MRLG. Chiang Mai and Vientiane: RCSD-Mekong Land Research Forum and Mekong Region Land Governance.

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Daniel Hayward, Mekong Research Land Forum:

ရေးသားသူ (အဖွဲ့) Daniel Hayward
ထုတ်ဝေသူ RCSD - Mekong Land Research Forum and Mekong Region Land Governance
ထုတ်ဝေသည့်ရက်စွဲ 2017
စာမျက်နှာခွဲ 14
အဓိကစကားလုံးများ V4MF,Forest Governance,Land rights,Land tenure
တင်ခဲ့သည့်ရက်စွဲ ဒီဇင်ဘာ 24, 2018, 16:15 (UTC)
ပြန်လည်ပြင်ဆင်သည့်ရက်စွဲ ဒီဇင်ဘာ 24, 2018, 16:16 (UTC)