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Formalizing inequality: Land titling in Cambodia

This paper highlights the failure of the Cambodia's land titling programme to protect the rights of vulnerable people living on sought-after land in the Heart of Phnom Penh, Boeng Kak community. The authors argue that since this World Bank supported program, residents’ insecurity has increased: while many have been forced to leave, more than 2,000 families still remain and are standing their ground under threat of forced eviction. The paper also describes the community’s action to bring a case to the World Bank Inspection Panel, demanding that the World Bank undo the damage caused to their community.

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This article is based upon the findings in the report: Bridges Across Border Southeast Asia, Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, and Jesuit Refugee Services (2009), Untitled: Tenure Insecurity and Inequality in the Cambodian Land Sector, 2009, which was edited by the authors. It is part of the second collection of the Land Research Action Network (LRAN) (Land Struggle: LRAN Briefing Paper Series, October 2010) entitleed "Defending the Commons, Territories and the Right to Food and Water " . Visit this website for more detail:

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