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  • Viet Nam's Economy to Remain One of the Fastest Growing in Asia Despite Sharp Slowdown Due to COVID-19

    This is an archived webpage describing Vietnam's economic situation with reference to COVID-19.

  • Viet Nam: Environment and climate change assessment

    This environment and climate change thematic paper highlights development issues, needs, and strategic assistance priorities of Viet Nam and ADB, focusing on environmentally sus...

  • Asian Development Outlook 2020: What Drives Innovation in Asia?

    In these difficult times, when challenges to growth abound, innovation is critical to inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth. While some economies in developing Asia a...

  • Accelerating progress: An empowered, inclusive and equal Asia and the Pacific

    Empowering people, ensuring inclusiveness and equality is fundamental to realizing sustainable development. What change is needed to strengthen empowerment and promote inclusion...

  • Myanmar Special Economic Zones & Cross Border Economic Zones

    A geospatial dataset describing SEZ and CBEZ of Myanmar.

  • Airports of Thailand

    Airport locations in Thailand including attributes (name, type ICAO and IATA code).

  • Economic Corridors of Laos

    Transboundary roads declared GMS transport corridors (existing, planned and potential)

  • Airports of Laos

    Airport locations in Laos including attributes (name, type ICAO and IATA code).

  • Railway Lines of Laos

    A geospatial dataset containing polylines of known, existing, planned and potential rail network links throughout Laos.

  • ASIAN ECONOMIC INTEGRATION REPORT 2015: How can special economic zones catalyze economic development?

    Special economic zones (SEZs) can play a catalytic role in economic development, provided the right business environment and policies are put in place. In Asia, SEZs can facili...

  • Greater mekong subregion twenty-five years of partnership

    This publication, Greater Mekong Subregion: Twenty-five Years of Partnership, highlights the GMS Program’s successful use of economic corridors and focus on priority sectors t...

  • Economic Corridors of Thailand

    Transboundary roads declared GMS transport corridors (existing, planned and potential)

  • Laos Special Economic Zones & Cross Boarder Economic Zones

    A geospatial dataset describing SEZ and CBEZ of Laos.

  • ADB and the Sustainable Development Goals

    The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a universal call to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and prosperity for all. They form part of the 2030 Ag...

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment in the Greater Mekong Subregion

    The experience and capacity to conduct strategic environmental assessments (SEAs) have improved considerably in recent years in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) countries. Gov...

  • Catalyzing Green Finance: A Concept for Leveraging Blended Finance for Green Development

    The origins of this publication can be traced back to discussions between an Asian Development Bank (ADB) team led by Ayumi Konishi, director general for East Asia Department, w...

  • Building Resiliency in the Pacific: How ADB is Addressing Climate Change and Disaster Risks

    The Pacific operations of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) cover 14 developing member countries (DMCs). These countries have established national policies and institutions to ad...

  • Assessing Financial Protection against Disasters: A Guidance Note on Conducting a Disaster Risk Finance Diagnostic

    The World Bank and Asian Development Bank have worked in more than 50 countries to (i) quantify the economic and fiscal impact of disasters; (ii) take stock of existing mechanis...

  • Asian Economic Integration Report 2017: The Era of Financial Interconnectedness

    This year’s Asian Economic Integration Report (AEIR) continues to chronicle progress in regional cooperation and integration (RCI) in Asia and the Pacific. Despite an improved g...

  • ADB through the decades: ADB's fifth decade (2007-2016)

    The year 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). To commemorate this event, ADB has produced ADB Through the Decades, a series of volumes to provide...