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Major foreign investment projects in Cambodia

พิมพ์โดย: Open Development Cambodia

The foreign investment project dataset has been established to provide relevantly practical information within Cambodia's investment projects flow, comprehending major foreign investment projects, capital investment, and detailed information on the projects. The locations of the development and investment projects in Cambodia determined in the dataset come from the location of the development project, village, or provincial location. Within the data collection, data classification is categorized into the following three sections: 1. Government data: Information obtained from official government sources, with official legal documentation. 2. Secondary data: Information obtained from the (company/entity/EIA) or from government source(s) without legal documentation. 3. Other data: Information obtained from any other source in the public domain (including documentation from news, photographs, etc).

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ความแม่นยำเชิงตำแหน่ง Locations in the Foreign Investment in Cambodia are determined by the village or commune, or province location from the archives or research references.
ความสอดคล้องเชิงตรรกะ The mixed details and information of the dataset come from a variety of sources , including ODC's existing datasets. Mostly, gathering information of the sources has been drawn from News, publicly available websites, and national and international datasets. In the context from reliable sources, the dataset has been identified its accurate information, depending on the evidences of the stated sources.
ความสมบูรณ์ The level of completeness in the dataset is the primary key point in the list indexes depicting underlying information of the investment context. The further enhancement of this particular dataset is taking into account the progressive approach in both spatial data and non-spatial data being updated and aggregated. Amendment of the dataset may carry out when available information is collated.
ขั้นตอนของกระบวนการ This aggregate dataset was accumulated and compiled by Open Development Cambodia (ODC) teams from sources, highlighting government websites and reports, News, and national/international datasets. The data gathering from the sources is in various formats, then transforms into a google document file. Next, the data will display in the available download formats such as CSV and SQLite in the ODC web portal.
แหล่งที่มา Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC): Royal Gazette of Cambodia; News; OpenCorporates; other reports in public domain etc.
ฝ่ายงานรับผิดชอบ Contact information for the relevant individual or institutions about the dataset at the following addresses: - The Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) Address: Government Palace, Sisowath Quay, Wat Phnom, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Website: - Virtus Media Pte., Ltd. (Khmer Times) Address: Lot#1381, National Road 2, Sangkat Chak Angre Krom, Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia. Telephone: +855 23 881 591/ +855 23 881 691 Website: - OpenCorporates Address: Headquarters at London, UK Website:
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คุณสมบัติ fid: Feature ID m_id: Map ID link_p: Link to profiles sector: Sector dev_pro: Development project pro_note: Project (note) pro_name: Project name pro_dev: Project developer (Agency/Company) cap_inv_m: Capital investment (million USD) cap_inv: Capital investment (USD) nat_pro: Nationality of project (country) job_creat: Job creation year: Started (year) land_a: Land development area (ha) dir_name: Director name nat: Nationality eia_l: EIA link com_type: Company type r_cdc: Registered CDC number sub_n: Sub decree number sub_d: Sub decree date village: Village commune: Commune district: District pro_loc: Project location data_c: Data classification reference: Reference (link with legacy reference) language: Language note_co: Note on coordinates
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