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Agrarian land-use transformation in northern Laos

พิมพ์โดย: Village Focus International

Farmers in northern Laos have been experiencing a rapid transformation from subsistence agricultural production to intensive cash crop cultivation over the last decade. The current research examines land-use change patterns and the driving forces behind farmer’s decisions regarding changing land use and selecting crops, particularly in areas along the new North-South Economic Corridor that passes through Luang Namtha and Bokeo provinces in northwestern Laos.

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ตัวอย่างทรัพยากรข้อมูล - Agrarian land-use transformation in northern Laos


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Faculty of Forestry, National University of Laos +856-21 770813

ผู้แต่ง (บุคคล) Thongmanivong S, Phanvilay K, Fujita Y, Fox J
ผู้แต่งร่วม (หน่วยงาน) Faculty of Forestry, National University of Laos; Lao-Swedish Upland Agriculture and Forestry Project; East-West Center
สถานที่พิมพ์ Lao PDR
สำนักพิมพ์ Unspecified
วันที่พิมพ์ 2006
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Presented at the Sustainable Sloping Lands and and Watershed Management Conference in 2006 according to

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