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Gender in the Myanmar Media Landscape

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The Gender in the Myanmar Media Landscape report was undertaken to inform the Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI) as well as the media industry at large on the current status of gender equity in Myanmar and shed light on the relative position of the women in media and their role and representation in networks and other professional bodies. The research included 298 respondents, including 223 survey respondents. Slightly more than half of the respondents were women. The research was carried out in two phases. The first research phase was mainly focused on Yangon, the second on the regions of Kayin, Saggaing and Shan. The research questions focused to derive answers to were the following: 1. Women’s representation in media houses, including women in decision-making roles. 2. Gender equity in work and working conditions. 3. Terms and conditions of employment and policies. 4. Career advancement and training for women. 5. Women’s participation in media networks and associations. 6. Women’s portrayal and content generated for women. 7. Ethnic media challenges from a gender perspective.

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