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Land allocation for social and economic land development (LASED)

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A fact sheet on the involvement of the GIZ in Cambodia's social land concessions program. Since 2007, the Royal Government of Cambodia has implemented the “Land Allocation for Social and Economic Development” (LASED) program with technical support from GIZ and financial support from the World Bank. In rural areas, many households are landless and often lose their land as a result of economic and social hardship. With support from GIZ, LASED has piloted the distribution of private state land to landless and land-poor families for agricultural and residential purposes as an option to socially balance access to land. Until today, Social Land Concessions under the LASED project have allocated a total of 10,173.13 ha of state land to 3,148 families.

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ตัวอย่างทรัพยากรข้อมูล - Land allocation for social and economic land development (LASED)


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