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Myanmar Economic Monitor: Reforms Reversed: July 2022

พิมพ์โดย: Open Development Myanmar

Myanmar’s economy has faced a series of external and internal disruptions which have impeded recovery from the large contraction in economic activity last year. Economic growth is projected to be 3 percent in the fiscal year ending in September 2022, following an 18% contraction last year, with firm downside risks. Lessons from Myanmar’s economic history suggest that to the extent that these trends continue, investor confidence and the business environment will weaken further, constraining Myanmar’s growth potential over the longer-term.

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ผู้แต่งร่วม (บุคคล) Kim Alan Edwards, Thi Da Myint, Fang Guo, Faya Hayati, Aka Kyaw Min Maw, Sebastian Eckhardt and Mariam J. Sherman
สำนักพิมพ์ World Bank
วันที่พิมพ์ 2022
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