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The Hunger Project Annual Report (2014)

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2014 was a vitally important year as world leaders prepared the agenda for the next set of goals for global development — the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — which are expected to include ending hunger and poverty by the year 2030. It is a critical time for THP to look newly at how they can create the breakthroughs needed to achieve the end of hunger.

The adoption of the SDGs in September 2015 — though a crucial demonstration of global commitment and alignment around the end of hunger and poverty — will only be the beginning. The hardest part is to come; in particular, evidence shows that in regards to achieving gender equality, the world is failing.

As a strategic organization, THP is taking a deep look at what’s missing for the world to achieve the SDGs, and are identifying the highest leverage contributions that can be made toward this historic endeavor.

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