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Primary schools in 2021

พิมพ์โดย: Open Development Cambodia

This dataset shows the performance, expenditure, and revenue budget of each primary school in 2021 of each commune in the targeted communes/sangkat under the Innovation for Social Accountability in Cambodia (ISAC).

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พิกัดขอบเขตทิศตะวันตก 102.55174525544751
พิกัดขอบเขตทิศตะวันออก 104.95904136874796
พิกัดขอบเขตทิศใต้ 10.558218674537176
พิกัดขอบเขตทิศเหนือ 13.719059062327746
ระบบอ้างอิงเชิงพื้นที่ WGS 84 / UTM zone 48N (EPSG:32648)
ความแม่นยำเชิงตำแหน่ง There are no known issues with accuracy.
ความแม่นยำของคุณสมบัติ There are no known issues with attribute accuracy.
ความสมบูรณ์ Data attribute was extracted from the post on data from ISAF M&E database:​ so data in attribute according to the completeness of the source itself.
ขั้นตอนของกระบวนการ The attribute table is extracted from the ISAF M&E database: in CSV format and linked to the 2012 primary school map to representing the location of health center for health center's performance and budget in 2020 of the Implementation of Social Accountability Framework (ISAF) in target area of ISAC 2021. Then upload the data in SQLITE format to the Open Development Cambodia (ODC) website.
แหล่งที่มา ISAF M&E database:
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คุณสมบัติ ogc_fid: OGC FID province: Province province_k: Province in Khmer district: District district_k: District in Khmer commune: Commune commune_k: Commune in Khmer village: Village village_k: Village in Khmer school_cod: School code school_nam: School name scho_namkh: School name in Khmer school_typ: School type school_typkh: School type in Khmer location: Location location_kh: Location in Khmer class13_total: Total number of classes (Grades 1-3) teacher_class13: Total number of teachers (Grades 1-3) class13_3545: Number of classes: 35 to 45 students (Grades 1-3) class46_total: Total number of classes (Grades 4-6) teacher_class46: Total number of teachers (Grades 4-6) class46_4050: Number of classes: 40 to 50 students (Grades 4-6) teach_class: Number of classes: 211 days per year total_class: Total number of classes stu_book: Number of students receiving standard textbook total_stud: Total number of students age_stu_en: Percentage of 6 years old children attending primary school stu_fail_rate: percentage of repeat student fini_gra_6: percentage of student who completed grade 6 re_2020: Total revenue (Riel) re_pb: National budget revenue (Riel) re_interna: School improvement grant revenue (Riel) re_contrib: Grants and donations revenue (Riel) re_communi: Community contributions revenue (Riel) re_service: Various fees revenue (Riel) ex_2020: Total expenditure (Riel) ex_teacher: Teacher allowances expenditure (Riel) ex_edu: Student rewards and grants expenditure (Riel) ex_mainta: School maintain and utilities expenditure (Riel) ex_build: Refurbishment and construction expenditure (Riel) ex_salary: Salaries expenditure (Riel) ex_support: Textbooks and basic materials expenditure (Riel) last_updat: Last update reference: Reference
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